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The secret to the healthiest life
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Welcome to Insanga Canada

Emerging as a wellness trend, Bamboo Salt is capturing attention for its health-enhancing properties. Distinguished from ordinary salt, Bamboo Salt boasts an alkaline nature, harmonizing your body's pH equilibrium. Laden with essential minerals, it additionally facilitates detoxification. While classified as a premium salt variety, the investment aligns with its perceived health dividends. Curious about the experience? Consider embracing Bamboo Salt today, and unlock a palate-pleasing revelation.


Insanga Bamboo Salt

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Bamboo Salt 
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Step into the world of Bit N Salt Corp, your gateway to exceptional Korean gourmet offerings. Among our distinguished selections, Insanga Bamboo Salt stands as a prime highlight. With a heritage spanning 120 years, Insanga has garnered renown for crafting the utmost quality in bamboo salt. In a landmark move, they bestowed upon us the honor of representing their product in Canada, starting from March 2021.

Our mission transcends borders—to acquaint the Canadian market with the remarkable virtues of Insanga Bamboo Salt. We firmly believe that the moment individuals savor this distinctive salt, they will be captivated by its unparalleled taste and wellness advantages. We extend our gratitude for gracing our platform, and trust that our offerings will elevate your epicurean journey. Welcome, and indulge in the essence of excellence!

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