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Pioneering a Lifetime of Sharing

“ Leaving behind every record that can bestow blessings in one's lifetime...

It is those records that bestow the blessings.

<Holy Medicine>

This is the story left by Master Kim Il-hoon of Insan, who showed lifelong compassion for people and distanced himself from commercialism. Relentlessly spreading the arduous task of promoting and instilling the true value of a healthy dietary lifestyle according to the principles of nature, his philosophy of caring for those in difficulty with utmost dedication and passion became the foundation and destiny of the Insan family.


Master Kim Il-hoon of Insan

Built on the pride of 120 years of bamboo salt heritage, Insan continues its journey to elevate the value of our land and natural resources through research and products, promoting a lifestyle of well-being and longevity.

Many who discover Insan, whether through word of mouth or recommendations from friends and family, are captivated by its story and become enthusiasts. As you interact with Insan today, we hope you perceive us as an honest company, a righteous enterprise. Insan has grown through the whispers of individuals, nurtured by the very people who've come to know us.

Insan doesn't rush or hasten its pace. Rather, we remain committed to our philosophy – harnessing the exceptional functional properties of our country's natural resources. Following the teachings of Master Kim Il-hoon, we craft healthful products that maximize these values, without any shortcuts.

Insan is here to support your well-being, just as you are here to support Insan. Together, we journey forward with the wisdom of time-honored traditions and the potential of Korea's rich natural offerings.


Sweat and Dedication Forged Bamboo Salt

The True Value of Infinite Bamboo Salt


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

"Master Kim Il-hoon's intent isn't distant.

It's about embodying his intent by preserving the inherent properties of raw materials derived from nature. That's why, day after day, we dedicate over 8 hours in front of pine firewood, crafting in the traditional way. We might move slowly, but resolutely, we'll tread the right path."



​Happy Harmony of Lifestyle

"I prefer ingredients for my family's meals that are not only safe but also natural from the very beginning. Knowing this sentiment well, I've invested time and effort even in a single drop of soy sauce.

Embodying the valuable philosophy and happiness of Master Kim Il-hoon, scattered throughout Insan, stemming from a serene nurturing of nature and promoting mental and physical well-being, we embrace the love for nature."

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